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What is FruitLooped?

FruitLooped is a new and upcoming website and app where gay men and straight women can meet up and share what matters to them.

Friendships between gay men and straight women are special. Research on this type of friendship has revealed that women sometimes prefer the advice of gay men over their girlfriends and boyfriends, and gay men likewise trust their straight female friends above others. There’s plenty of dating websites out there–some for hookups, some for dating and romantic relationships, and some for specific age groups and ethnicities. Yet, there hasn’t been any websites that allow straight women and gay men form meaningful connections with one another. Until now.

The mission of our website (and soon-to-be mobile app!) is to provide gay men and straight women with a safe space, where both parties can be “looped” into the latest trends, events, and even advice on how to look good for that one handsome guy.

So, what are some of the features on FruitLooped that help gay men and straight women connect?


Join a group on FruitLooped and chat about boys, books, marriage, movies, food and more. Start a conversation about a certain topic, comment on threads, or otherwise have discussions on just about anything. We’re all about being open here, but please remember to keep it classy! :).


Like other social networking sites, FruitLooped members can find and “friend” each other, and engage in private conversations. Members may search the site’s directory or browse new additions in hopes of finding the perfect gay man-straight woman connection. There are over 4,000 members on FruitLooped, with new members signing up every day.


The FruitLooped team will regularly contribute to the site’s blog with updates and other useful tips and tricks. Expect the team to moderate group conversations as well.

Join FruitLooped today and meet a friend who makes you laugh and lets you be yourself!